Magimix designs and engineers high end, small appliances for serious cooks. These products come with a price tag to match, but they are worth every penny! The French are noted for their gastronomy and chic style, and this French company from the Burgundy region encapsulates these qualities. Magimix began manufacturing kitchen appliances in 1963, with Robot-Coupe leading the way. They launched their first food processor in 1971 and continued to fine-tune and upgrade their creation. This innovation continues today with their quiet machines that are designed and built to simplify cooking.

Magimix products look fantastic. This alone is enough to make any kitchenalia enthusiast drool over their countertops. Nevertheless, they are also designed to be durable and they have a 12 year guarantee which is refreshing to see in today's throwaway culture! In fact, the company has stringent environmental policies which have been in place since it was founded.

There's no doubt that these blenders are high quality products. You only have to look at the Magimix 11610 1.8 Litre Blender to see how the price tag is justified. Most blender jugs are plastic these days, whereas this model uses glass. It's safe to say that Magimix products go above and beyond the usual humdrum models that you'll find on the market.

Magimix 11610 Le Blender


The Magimix 11610 looks stunning and the performance is outstanding. A truly professional blender... read more




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